MELBOURNE – 17 June, 2017 – The Game Developers’ Association of Australia points to yesterday’s release of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) release of the Film, Television and Digital Games Survey as validation that government support of the Australian game development sector yields significant results for the sector and the country.

“The ABS data validates the outcomes predicted by the sector in the development of the cancelled Australian Interactive Games Fund,” said Antony Reed, CEO of the GDAA. “We anticipated that targeted investments into companies with strong business cases would lead to business growth and increased revenue. We were right.”

The ABS survey found total income increased 24% to $111.1 million and employment increased 26% to 734. Profit was also up 163% to $24 million.

The survey also found that women employed in the sector rose from 9% to 15%.

“The increase in women in the games industry shows progress, but is in no way celebratory,” said Antony Reed. “We have to work harder as a sector to encourage greater diversity to the point that we are proud of our representation.”

The survey also found that Victoria contributed 56.9% of total Australia level income.

“Victoria has always lead the way in its support of the games sector. Creative Victoria and Film Victoria have embraced the sector and engage with industry participants to not only determine effective support structures, but to include the games sector in the much broader creative industries ecosystem.” said Antony Reed

In April 2016 the Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications published their report on the future of Australia’s video game development industry. The Committee, comprised of representatives of the major parties, submitted eight recommendations for support of the game development sector in Australia.

“The Senate inquiry was the opportunity for the sector to tell it’s story to a bi-partisan panel of Federal government representatives. The ABS data backs the case we put forward,” said Antony Reed. “We’ve shown that an investment in the games sector provides a significant return on investment to the Australian taxpayer. It’s time to talk about a new support model because we’re quite happy to do it again.”