Each year the GDAA organises and presents ‘Game Connect Asia Pacific’ (GCAP), Australia’s premier game development conference, focusing specifically on skills development, addressing industry trends and international business matching. GCAP delivers thought provoking, creative and innovative sessions covering programming, art, design, management and more, from leaders in the local and international game development industry. Every year, game developers, publishers, investors, educational institutions, media and key industry players from across Australia and the world are brought together to discuss the rapidly changing development and distribution ecosystem and identify the opportunities for developers of all sizes in the global video games market.

GCAP is one of the many events held during ‘Melbourne International Games Week:’ Asia Pacific’s largest digital games celebration featuring conferences, events and activities for the games industry, games enthusiasts and the general public. Melbourne International Games Week is usually held in October or November each year. Click here for more information on GCAP and Melbourne International Games Week.

GCAP 2016 talks are available on YouTube